Heart's Quest Dairy Goats
Linda May DuShane
Heart's Quest Dairy Goats
7360 Hwy 150
Lynn Center, IL 61262
Linda DuShane
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Linda DuShane was born in the small town of Schleswig, Iowa, during the 1940s and returned to her rural roots in the early 2000's when she purchased a two acre farm in Illinois south of the Quad Cities. She started with a couple of dairy goats in 1985 and began showing her Toggerberg, Alpine and LaMancha goats in the late 1980s. Her animals have won a considerable number of awards, both regionally and nationally.

Linda is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association, Iowa Dairy Goat Association and Illinois Dairy Goat Club. Her goat dairy farm has milk, goats for meat sale and breeding goats. She is very devoted to her animals, and loves her farm. It has been her heart's quest for years and she hopes it continues for many more years.

Her training is in Nursing, and she continues that career, after retiring from the Army. She especially likes working with children in the home health care field.

Linda has begun writing down her thoughts about her "goatcentric" life.  You can read those thoughts here.