Heart's Quest Dairy Goats
Linda May DuShane
Heart's Quest Dairy Goats
7360 Hwy 150
Lynn Center, IL 61262
Linda DuShane
Copyright 2015
Fodder and Seeds, Viewed from the Long End
New, improved fodder system in steel insulated building
3 in 1 heater/AC unit keeps the building at the correct temperaturre
Sump pump used to move water out of the building
Timer that controls several times a day watering
Humidity reading on top and temperature on the bottom
This video of the rebuilt fodder system is narrated by John Dailey, who is involved with many of the projects ongoing at Linda's farm.
After the SARE funded grant ended in the Spring of 2016, Linda continued with hydroponically growing fodder for her dairy goats by building a steel building, and having it insulated.   Here are some photos and videos of the new system.